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Welcome to Craven's Part in the Great War, a website respectfully and humbly dedicated to the memories of the men and women from the Craven district who gave their lives for king and country in the First World War, 1914 -1919.

Before going on to explore the site in depth we hope you will take the time to read this brief introduction. It begins by explaining the origins of the project, and then goes on to describe the nature and the sources of the data that we have collected together.

This data aims to provide as accurate as possible a sketch of every serviceman and woman who died in action, or as a direct result of having taken part in the dreadful conflict that was considered to be the 'war that would end all wars.'


Ian Hislop

I am delighted to recommend Craven's Part in the Great War which is a fine local addition to the great national duty of remembrance - this sounds a bit pompous but the more I learn about the lost generation of the First World War the more I realise that the odd act of memory is not much to ask from a fortunate generation like ours. My own interest was sparked by learning about the part played by my own grandfather who survived fierce fighting in the last years of the war before returning home to Scotland. His records were difficult to trace and I had the help of a BBC research team, but this site should provide invaluable help for those trying to find their relatives from this area. The idea is interactive, so the public provides details and photos of the dead as well as finding them, and should help to keep alive that important link between our history and ourselves. I made a TV series called Not Forgotten. This site helps make that sentiment hold true.

Ian Hislop


Our Website Patron...

Prof. Richard Holmes

It is with deep regret that Craven's Part in the Great War has learned of the death of its Patron, Professor Richard Holmes CBE on the 30th of April at the age of 65.

Richard will be best remembered as a prolific author of Military History books, and also as a T.V presenter of the series War Walks, first aired in the 1990's. Educated at Emmanuel Collage, Cambridge, Northern Illinois University and Reading University, Richard lectured at the Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst. In 1995 he became Professor of Military and Security Studies at the Royal Military Collage Cranfield, until his retirement in 2009. Richard joined the Territorial Army in 1964 and commissioned 2 years' later he went on to be the country's most senior serving reservist as a Brigadier. He was president of the Commission for Military History and patron of the Guild of Battlefield Guides; in 1998 he was awarded the CBE.

We send our condolences to his wife and family.


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